Folk Make up

I will give you some advices to realize a daily make up in a folk style. First,for every make up you need to preserve from your skin with good skin care. It's the key to improve and get a perfect complexion. 

The weekly 4-step skin care routine :

    ♦ Cleaning : you need a good cleanser adapted to your skin type : oily, normal/combination, dry or sensitive.
    ♦ Exfoliate : Scrubs work by removing the top layer of dead skin cells that tend to dull your complexion.
    ♦ Hydratation : depending on your skin you should make a face mask that will remove excess oils or moisturize dry skin to have a supple and smooth skin.
    ♦ Protect your skin with a daily cream. So you should apply a cream for dry skin and an emulsion for oily skin. And don't forget sunscreen to protect your skin against the sun !

Folk make up should be natural but it doesn't mean always nude ! You can play with colours by mixing them to get a sfumato effect as in painting.

Step by step :

     ♠ Apply a make up base or if you don't have it use your daily cream. But the base is the best because it evens skin tone and the both smooth skin. 
     ♠ Then, choose a foundation that matches with your complexion. Spread it with a brush, it's the best way to unify in a thin layer.
     ♠ If you need to hide blemishes and under eye circles, use a concealer that you can apply with your fingers in short strokes. 
      ♠ Use a loose or compact power (more oily) from the T zone to the others parts of the face. Apply it with a wide brush.
       ♠ To finish, smile to find the apples of your cheeks and apply a blusher to the apples, below and tl the temples.

      ♠ You can do eyebrows next, using an eyebrow pencil or powdered shadow
       ♠ Then, I'll talking about the eyes. I like use three colours for the eyes : one very light for the base to illuminate the lid, one to get the colour you will and the third could be a shimmery shadow or another colour shade. 
So apply the lightest shade until under the eyebrow, the second and medium colour just in the outer of the eyes and the third beetween the others to blend and get a sfumato.
       ♠ Line only the outer two third of the lower lid with eye pencil or all the way, just below the lashes. Line all the way across the upper lid, as close to the lashes as possible.
      ♠ To finish, apply mascara to upper and lower lashes and use a little eye brush to avoid clumping. Mascara will thicken and darken the lashes.
       ♠ Last step, line your lips with a lipstick pencil and choose a lipstick colour that suits your skin tone. Or you can just apply a gloss. Ideas of lipstick natural colour : 

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